The Club

Photo-Nat Photography Club is dedicated to photographing and enjoying the natural world. Our members are a mix of nature photographers, nature enthusiasts and amateur naturalists. Some of the members are naturalist who enjoy photography and some members are photographers who enjoy nature.


The photographers range from beginners to amateurs to seasoned professionals. Every one seems to be eager to share their knowledge and experiences. Sharing information can come from show and tell, discussions, mini presentations and full presentations or in our many club outings.

The Nature Enthusiasts and Amateur Naturalists.

Our naturalist members include birdwatchers, dragonfly watchers, butterfly watchers, moose and deer watchers and wildflower enthusiast. 

The Meetings

Our meetings take place at Loyalist College in Belleville, Ontario in Room P1 of the  Pioneer Building (the building closest to the Road) at 7:30PM on the last Wednesday of every month except July, August and December.  For Club meeting info check out our Meeting & Upcoming Events Page

The Focus

Photographs displayed at Club meetings or in Club sponsored exhibits or activities must reflect the Club's focus of nature photography. A "nature photograph" is defined as one which a natural subject is the main and dominant theme or focus of interest. Typically, nature photographs contain no, or very little, evidence of people, pets, or "man-made" objects