If you would like information on Photo-Nat Club, please contact us through our email address. Our email address is:

For members

If you are a current member and you have any questions or concern or have information you would like to pass on to the club's executive, please use the same address. 

Ideas, guest speaker or outing suggestions and website articles are always welcome.

Current Executive

President: Robert Bailey -

Secretary Treasurer : Beth Wishart

Exec Support:

- Don Hedger

- Julie Drummond

- Donna Fano

- Pat Owens

A new look to our website will be available next Fall

Web Contact:

Bob McCallum: 

Note: the above email is for members to submit:

     1. home page slider images 2:1 ratio (eg. 1600x800 or 800x400) 

     2. theme based gallery images:
          add the anticipated theme descriptor
          the resolution doesn't matter but 1080 x 768 would be good
          5 images per theme would be good to start (eg. 5 bird pics per member)

     3. blog entry:
          camera/lens type and settings    
          brief text (less than one page) background story of this picture

Thank you all so very much for helping to make this a great photography website!