Who’s Watching Whom? : Bob McCallum

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Canon 5D MK4, F/5, 100-400mm @400mm, 1/1000 sec, ISO 640 In this Covid-19 world of 2020, instead of a June visit to the magnificent redwoods of northern California, the awesome coastline of Oregon, and the spectacular interior waterfalls also in … Continued

The Bird God: Ian Dickinson

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From Mexico to Panama, high in the mountainous rainforest lives one of the world’s most beautiful birds. The Resplendent Quetzal was considered divine in pre-Columbian civilizations and was believed to be an incarnation of the snake/bird god Quetzalcotl. It was … Continued

Traverse Woods: Donna Fano

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Camera: Nikon D7200 Lens: Nikkor AF-S @ 300 mm Settings: ISO: 250; F/6.3; 1/800 sec;  The photography outing arranged by Ian Dickinson on Saturday, May 11 to Traverse Woods (near the birding banding station at Traverse Point) proved to be … Continued

Rear View Mirror: Bob McCallum

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Canon 6D, F/5, 100-400mm @100mm, 1/1600 sec, ISO 1250 When we left Juneau, Alaska on an August morning aboard the small touring vessel named the Katlian Express, we were headed to view, up-close, the Twin Sawyer Glaciers. The boat features … Continued

First Blog: Robert Bailey

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Welcome to our new website in general and to the creation of this monthly blog in particular. Here, members will have an opportunity to present an image and either provide the back story of how the featured image came to … Continued

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