Our annual Quinte Mall Exhibit takes place in February, usually a Thursday to Sunday, with set up the night before on Wednesday evening after the mall closes at 9 pm.


A “nature photograph” is defined as one in which a natural subject is the main and dominant theme or focus of interest. Typically, nature photographs contain no or very little evidence of people or “man-made” objects. Photographs displayed at club meetings or in club sponsored exhibits or activities must reflect the club’s focus of nature photography.


Each member may submit up to ten photographs to be displayed. That number may change depending on how many photos we get. We encourage you to display new material, photos which have never been shown before at the mall. Each member is assigned an identification number which is placed on each photograph. If you need one, please see Beth Wishart.

The display is to be staffed at all times to comply with our contract with the Quinte Mall. A sign-up sheet will be available at the January meeting for you to pick a time to help out. It would really be appreciated for as many members as possible to help even if you do not have pictures in the show. There are a lot of spaces to be filled over a four day event.


Only members of Photo-Nat Photography Club may participate in the show. Current year’s dues must be paid. Dues schedule runs from April 2020 to April 2021.


All photos MUST BE NATURE, black & white or colour and must meet all guidelines. We will not be accepting pictures of pets or farm animals. Zoo animals are acceptable only if there are no signs of captivity.

Pictures must be in a matte with outside dimensions no bigger than 12 x 16 and in a frame no wider than one inch. Photographs must be no smaller than 8×10. You are allowed THREE LARGER photos with a matte no larger than 16 x 22 and a frame no wider than one inch. If you have an odd-ball sized frame, let us know – for example, a panoramic. This restriction is to allow as many photos as possible to be displayed and to give uniformity to our display. You are allowed to display photos on canvas as long as you meet size requirements.

Photos must be mounted in a frame strong enough for secure attachment to the display boards. (No cardboard backs or metal clips that pop out easily.) Wires are the best.

You are responsible for delivery and pick-up to and from the mall at the appropriate times. Photographs will be displayed at each owner’s own risk and liability.


Each photograph must have a label on the front, placed on the bottom RIGHT HAND CORNER of your picture. Labels include your name, title of photo, location (where you took the picture if it applies) and your ID number, and will be given to you at the January meeting.
Place your name and ID number on the back of each photograph.

No price tags or any other advertisements or indication of selling prints are to be displayed.


A completed inventory list MUST ACCOMPANY YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS when you bring them to the mall on the set-up night. Number your photos according to your labels. THEY MUST MATCH. Use numerical order when numbering, e.g. if your ID number is 200, then number your pictures 2001, 2002, etc. For a PDF copy of the inventory list, please use this link: Inventory List


Please wear your Photo-Nat name tag when you are on duty.
Club members are not allowed to sell photographs at the show as outlined in our agreement with the Quinte Mall. There will be a page in the binder to fill out if someone is interested in buying a photograph. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to contact the interested party if they so desire.